Diversity and inclusion

Inclusion in the kitchen: promote the hiring of local people who usually have no access to employment

Cuisine centrale Amboise
Team diversity constitutes a source of richness, innovation and performance. This is what the Ansamble teams prove every day in the Amboise central kitchen by mobilizing for the integration of people who are usually excluded from the job market.

Every day, the kitchen prepares nearly 6,000 meals for nurseries, schools and the elderly, via the home delivery activity. The director and his teams are committed to increasing the proportion of employees who have restricted access to the job market: people with disabilities or who are on long-term unemployment, and those who are being reintegrated, etc.

This bold ambition to include as many persons as possible is driven by the kitchen management, which has carried out several proactive actions. In 2019, the central kitchen signed the La France une chance charter of commitment which promotes the implementation of an inclusive recruitment policy that gives everyone the chance to find stable employment.

Since then, four people with disabilities have been recruited (one for dish-washing, two for packaging and one for administrative duties) as well as another person on long-term unemployment. To ensure that the integration of these people is carried out under the best possible conditions, all kitchen staff members have been made aware of disability issues, and people with disabilities receive personalized monitoring.


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