Diversity and inclusion

Virginie Brian, Head of HR : “disabled people can exercise the same profession as anyone”

Virginie RH
Being a resolutely responsible firm, Elior takes into account the specificities of all its employees and promotes their employability throughout their career.

The Group rejects all forms of discrimination and acts every day to promote access to employment for people with disabilities.

What motivates you as the Director of Human Resources?

Virginie Brian Today nobody is alone, we all need help and I like to tell myself that every day I can reach out to someone. Obviously, we must act whatever the fight, but, as a leader in the catering sector, we bear a responsibility to nourish future generations, whether in health education, the business sector, or at the medico-social level. However, catering in the future also means ensuring job security for people who will probably have an accident at one point in their working lives. 

Today nobody is alone, we all need help and I like to tell myself that every day I can reach out to someone.

Virginie Brian - Head of HR (Elior France) 

How do you approach the issue of disability in the workplace?

VM I am driven by issues related to disability, diversity and job retention. Let's say that what I really want to do is to shake up the order of things as they stand today, break down all the stereotypes that may exist, and prove that disabled people can exercise the same profession as anyone: to show that it is not because one is, or is not a graduate, that one can, or cannot, succeed.

How do you go about this on a day-to-day basis?

VM I get virtually everyone on board and get involved in my commitment. Because I am a woman of combat with strong convictions that I stand firmly by, I can get people behind me. And I want to show that, together, we are always stronger; it is this sharing of diversity, cultures, values, thoughts that make our wealth and will nurture the future.


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