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Backing solidarity initiatives championed by Elior employees: the commitment of Maria Dolores Aparicio in Spain

Every year, Elior Solidarity launches a call for solidarity projects among its employees. The Spanish association, Aleph-tea has been selected for its training project in sustainable cooking.

The Aleph-tea project: training autistic people in sustainable cooking

The Aleph-tea association promotes the social and professional integration of autistic people in Spain. This association notably provides training programs that are focused on cooking and sustainable development and which are adapted for autistic people who often have difficulties accessing training and employment.

Designed for people with intellectual disabilities, training is specifically dedicated to issues related to the green economy and nutrition: reducing food waste; the circular economy; local commerce, etc.

The project is led by Maria Dolores Aparicio, sector manager at Serunion, whose commitment stemmed from her own personal experience.  "I am the mother of André, 21, who is autistic and intellectually disabled. In 2004, I turned to Aleph-tea, a small association so that he could attend school along with 30 other autistic children. Since then, all of the parents have contributed to making this school known and to developing it. In 2009, a real school was built that provides support to autistic children in their education and later on in their adult life. I will maintain my commitment to the association to support my son throughout his life, and do everything I can to ensure the association continues to thrive and remain active for all these children and adults.”

An annual call for projects to support the voluntary commitment of Group employees

This year, Elior Solidarity is backing 11 projects in Spain, France, Italy, the UK and the US in the areas of food, education, social and professional integration, and environmental protection.

This call for projects testifies to the wealth of initiatives carried out by Elior employees around the world. Over the past four years, Elior Solidarity has supported more than 50 fine associative projects to help people in social and professional difficulties, people with disabilities, children in difficulty, refugees, etc.


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