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Elior Group Solidarities: supporting non-profits working to feed, educate and facilitate employment for the disadvantaged in society

Every year, Elior Group Solidarities invites Group employees to submit proposals for solidarity projects. As a result, 11 non-profit organizations and charities received support in 2020. Vitamundi was one of them.

Held every year since 2016, the call for solidarity projects is a highlight in the Elior Group Solidarities annual diary. This initiative makes it possible to provide assistance for public interest nonprofits in those areas actively supported by Elior Group Solidarities, at the same time as celebrating the commitment shown by the readiness of Group employees to volunteer. The friendly competition of the first three calls for projects has had a very positive effect, with support provided for around 40 projects across all Elior operating countries. The 2020 selection committee chose to support 11 of the 24 projects submitted: four in the USA (Carolina Farm Trust, Girls On The Run, Heart Math Tutoring and Mercy Chefs), three in Italy (Centra Papa Giovanni XXIII, Volontari Regina Coeli and Zero 5), two in France (Le Hérisson and Réseau Môm'artre), one in the UK (Graft) and one in Spain (Vitamundi).

The support provided by Elior Group will allow Vitamundi to give families in a Mumbai slum a basket of basic food every month in return for enrolling their children in school.

Rosa Sanchez Olmos - Serunion CFO and Vitamundi Volunteer

It was Rosa Sanchez Olmos, Serunion CFO who put forward Vitamundi, the NGO for which she has been a volunteer since 2000. Founded in 2000 by healthcare professionals and volunteers from a broad range of business backgrounds, Vitamundi is committed to humanitarian projects that promote and facilitate education and combat hunger and undernourishment in a number of countries. “The support  provided by Elior Group will allow Vitamundi to give families in a Mumbai slum a basket of basic food every month in return for enrolling their children in school to give them a realistic option of a better future,” explains Rosa Sanchez Olmos, who describes her personal contribution to this project: “My involvement with Vitamundi and the work I do with them bring me closer to something very important to me as a mother: the principle of leaving my children and future generations the legacy of a better world.” Traditionally active in Ghana, followed by Guatemala and India, Vitamundi has more recently embarked on a food project for families – especially those with babies and small children – in the underprivileged Ciudad Meridiana neighborhood of Barcelona.

Elior Group Solidarities

Formed as a non-profit organization in 2017, Elior Group Solidarities supports solidarity initiatives targeting food, education and access to work for disadvantaged population groups. It empowers people to achieve tangible and lasting results by providing direct funding for other non-profit organizations, awarding hospitality studies scholarships for students from low-income families and supporting projects put forward by employees. All its initiatives have direct links to one of the Group CSR strategy goals: energizing teams and communities. Elior Group Solidarities regularly works in collaboration with the Refugee Food Festival charity by lending its kitchens or helping to develop new recipes for refugee chefs. It also helps Group employees to contribute to the international Challenge Against Hunger sporting event that raises funds for the humanitarian work of the NGO Action Against Hunger.


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