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Elior Solidarity supports the mobile canning project to limit food waste of the association, l’économe

Every year, Elior Group Solidarity launches a call for solidarity projects among its employees. L’économe is one of the associations selected for its mobile canning project in the south of France.

A local, solidarity initiative led by an Elior employee

The aim of the project championed by Jean-Pierre Sancey, technical assistant at Elior France, is to facilitate the processing of surplus fruit and vegetables as jam and preserves.

“I have been with the Elior group since September 1992, and contract manager for the city of La Crau (83) since 2017. When I discovered L’économe, I carried out several awareness campaigns for children. While on a daily basis, waste is obviously something I try to avoid, because of the restaurant closures linked to the Covid pandemic, I have called on L’économe several times. As a result, it seemed only natural for me join the association and help in any way I could. I am now supporting them in their mobile cannery project, notably through Elior Solidarity. The mobile cannery truck facilitates direct access to producers in order to cook surplus production on site, again to avoid food waste. All these anti-waste and planet protection notions are also values that I try to instill in my own children on a daily basis.  And on an ending note, an apt slogan for the association might be “Together We Can, gourmet-style!”, explained Jean-Pierre Sancey.

JP Sancey

An annual call for projects to support the voluntary commitment of Group employees

This year, Elior Solidarity is backing 11 projects in Spain, France, Italy, the UK and the US in the areas of food, education, social and professional integration, and environmental protection.

This call for projects testifies to the wealth of initiatives carried out by Elior employees around the world. Over the past four years, Elior Solidarity has supported more than 50 fine associative projects to help people in social and professional difficulties, people with disabilities, children in difficulty, refugees, etc.



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