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Photo report: photographer Rip Hopkins exploring the Elior teams

How can meals still be enjoyable and sociable in a world of social distancing and personal protective measures? The answer is: with positive team spirit and a permanent commitment to delivering satisfaction on a plate.

We gave English photographer Rip Hopkins total freedom to capture the commitment to sociability and teamwork that unites everyone at Elior and all those around them. Shot through with his unique sense of humor, the resulting images reflect the close relationships he took the time to create with each person, to the point where he also appears in each shot.

With Elior, the ability of the photographic process to open doors has given us the privilege of meeting welcoming and inspiring people who live and work in different worlds that to us seemed exotic and intriguing. The experience of the Elior journey and the photographs put together by everyone in our team will always be with us, like our new best friends.

Rip Hopkins, photographer

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