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Remote observation internship to support middle school students in making career choices despite the lock-down

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How to enable young 9th grade students to carry out their internship in the current sanitary crisis with the generalization of teleworking and the closing of shops? To address this challenge, Elior has teamed up with the “Crée ton avenir !!!” association to launch a week-long, fully digital and remote, discovery training program for thirteen, 9th grade students from Gérard Philippe College (REP) in Cergy-Pontoise. This approach promotes the career-guidance and integration of young people, which is essential in this time of pandemic.

A week of discovery offering insight into the professions available in contract catering

To adapt to the current sanitary crisis, Elior will be hosting a remote observation program for a group of 9th grade students from Gérard Philippe College (REP) from March 29 to April 2, 2021. On the menu: meetings and discussions with Elior teams, a virtual tour of the Company’s catering areas and a live cooking workshop with a pastry chef and his apprentice.

Throughout the week, various activities will be proposed to the 13 trainees by video-conference in order to introduce the Group's activities:

  • Monday: presentation of the Elior group and a virtual tour of its catering areas
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: presentation of the Group's professions (support functions and operational management)
  • Wednesday: live cooking workshop. The pastry chef and his apprentice will prepare a lemon pie in front of the students, and present the job of pastry chef (training, course, etc.)
  • Thursday: student coaching on how to present their end-of-internship project (oral preparation, PowerPoint production, etc.)
  • Friday: final restitution of the "Imagine Elior on the Moon” project

Elior committed to education and career guidance of middle-school students

Partner of the " Crée ton avenir !!!" association for more than three years, Elior welcomes young people from priority neighborhoods every year to participate in an observation internship at its La Défense headquarters. It was therefore the Group's responsibility to maintain this commitment made to young people, which is all the more important given the current sanitary crisis.

"Crée ton Avenir !!!" is an association that enables young people to build their chosen professional future with confidence. Every year, it supports thousands of middle and high school students, hailing primarily from priority neighborhoods, by allowing them to discover the professional world and develop their ability to orient themselves in order to become autonomous and the architects of their own lives.

As such, this initiative launched by Elior and the "Crée ton Avenir !!!" association supports young people in making their career choices. Elior attaches great importance to raising the awareness of younger students to the corporate world and to informing them as early as middle school, because this is a pivotal time in school life and the moment when career paths can be forged. This support is also important for training and recruiting Elior’s future talents. The Group helps young people to discover collective catering professions in order to foster vocations. 


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