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As a contributor to local and regional economies, as well as a significant employer, Elior is committed to operating a business model that appeals to jobseekers and accepts its responsibility to communities. Despite the fact that young people and over-50s have more trouble finding jobs, 26.8% of people hired by Elior Group in 2022 were under 25, and 18.2% were over 50. And there’s another key indicator that highlights this commitment: 24.3% of people hired by Elior in France come from priority urban neighborhoods, which is a high proportion given that only 8% of the population lives in those communities. Other, more targeted, initiatives are also in place.

Encouraging people into the workplace

In 2022, Elior Restauration initiated the signature of a 3-year partnership with the non-profit Each One, which works with, and supports, refugees in France, with particular emphasis on helping them find employment. On its side of the partnership, Elior offers job opportunities in contract catering, backed up by a substantial commitment to long-term employee training and support. The Group has developed a 4-month training program that alternates between in-kitchen training delivered by Stelo Formation, French language and culture tuition delivered by Each One, and hands-on internships provided by Elior... all with the ultimate goal of full-time employment. By surrounding itself with qualified partners and investing its

expertise in employment integration and training, Elior expects to welcome around 30 refugees into its teams over the three years of the program.

Committed to rehabilitation

At the end of 2021, Elior Services partnered with Justice 2e Chance, a non-profit that works with prisoners and ex-prisoners to support them in dealing with officialdom, finding housing and finding work. It’s in this last area that Elior Services wanted to make its contribution. So in 2022, two HR Development Department staff ran a skills sponsorship project for 4 groups of 5, 6 or 7 people convicted by the courts, giving them simulated one-on-one job interviews, followed by a joint discussion and practical advice on preparing for the world of work. Another group of former inmates was also invited to attend the same workshop at Elior Services, and the resumes of those who were interested in finding a job with Elior Services were forwarded to the company’s hiring team at the end of the session. This partnership benefited around thirty inmates in 2022, and will now be continued in future years.


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