Local impact

The urban farm in Charlotte directly impacts the community's food ecosystem

Allison Purmort, is an Elior employee in the US and a volunteer with the Carolina Farm Trust. The purpose of this association is to support local agriculture by helping producers to buy equipment or land and promote their production.

A member of the Carolina Farm Trust, Aldersgate Urban Farm is backed by Elior. This support contributes to the farm's action in the East Charlotte region: being a vector of social mobility, providing access to fresh and healthy food, and creating jobs for underprivileged populations.

Elior’s goal is to support general interest associations in the fields of nutrition, education or social and professional integration. Each year, through Elior Group Solidarities, Elior supports the solidarity commitments of the Group’s employees and since 2018 has backed 40 or so projects in France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

For Allison Purtmort, this commitment enables her to have a direct impact on local farmers and therefore on food in her community. For Elior, it is about contributing to the development of the regions where the Group operates and supporting the innovative initiatives of its employees.


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