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The US: ensuring meal service during the pandemic to support the most vulnerable

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In the United States, Elior mobilized its teams at the start of the pandemic to provide an essential catering service for the most vulnerable. As such, between March and September, 51.6 million meals were distributed to the elderly, students and people in need.

32.6 million meals were served to isolated seniors in need in the US by Elior’s subsidiary, TRIO Community Meals. Before the crisis, most elderly persons’ meals were served in community centers where seniors meet to share a pleasant moment together. However, these venues have been closed during the pandemic. As such, the teams of TRIO Community Meals rapidly adapted their model  to enable TRIO’s partners to deliver meals directly to seniors’ homes, in compliance with health and safety measures; a measure which ensured that seniors could continue to benefit from a healthy diet without having to leave their homes to go shopping.
The teams of K-12 by Elior, another Elior brand in the US, served 14 million meals to students who, because of financial difficulties, could not afford healthy meals when the schools were closed.  With the closure of schools across the country, thousands of students who usually depend on free or discounted school meals have indeed found themselves in need. Elior teams contributed to ensuring they got the food they needed, by organizing school meal pick-up sites or working with bus drivers to distribute meals to families. 
Senior and student meal delivery and pick-up continues, as the community centers for the elderly and some schools have not yet reopened. 

In addition, 5 million meals were distributed to people in need near New York (including the elderly or people in financial difficulty stemming from the pandemic). 

With the sharp increase in the number of people in difficulty as of March, and particularly in New York, Elior’s teams rapidly adapted their model to meet the heavy demand for individual pre-packaged meals. The Group's expertise has thus made it possible to produce and work with partners to distribute meals in record time in order to help these persons. 

Elior’s teams have therefore worked tirelessly to support these communities by providing them with both moral and material support. 



24 April 2022


23 April 2022

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