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Elior chef video portraits: discover the talents and personalities of Elior’s kitchen teams

The profiles and career paths of Elior’s chefs are all very different. The culinary talent of all of the group’s chefs is underpinned by their own personal experience and character. Discover the video portraits of two Elior chefs who are passionate about their profession.

Filippo Bellavia: an Italian chef passionate about cooking

Sicilian-born, Chef Filippo Bellavia talks about how he discovered his passion for cooking. After spending years working in the commercial catering sector, Filippo found a balance between his private and professional life at Elior, where he is fully committed to preparing healthy and tasty meals for his guests.

Isabelle Senecat: a perfect example of career development possibilities in the kitchen

Since joining Elior some thirty years ago as a dish-washer, Isabelle has gradually worked her way up the ranks to become a chef. Proud of her job, she now heads a team of six and cooks for people with disabilities.

Jessica Gardiner: focused on local products and making delicious pastries for her guests

At 23, Jessica has loved cooking since her childhood and has been a chef at Elior for five years. A passionate pastry chef, she is now focused on cooking fresh, local products for the 120 guests she feeds every day.

Cristophe Aurejac: offering balanced meals to children

With his team, the chef cooks daily for 800 children in a central kitchen. Its challenge is to offer a varied and balanced diet for nurseries and schools in the surrounding area.


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