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The Food Academy: a training and creation center for Italian chefs

Food Academy
What will the catering model of the future look like? This is one of the questions that drives the Elior Italy Food Academy which was launched in Milan in January 2019.

In this experimentation and development center, chefs and nutritionists develop and exchange best practices and new recipes, and carry out research. 

Inventing the cuisine of the future

At the Food Academy, new forms of innovative catering are studied so as to offer healthy catering to children, patients and employees, whose expectations are constantly changing. For example, substituting animal proteins with vegetable proteins which is a major challenge for the cuisine of tomorrow. This is particularly the case for contract catering chefs, who are faced with several challenges, such as finding ways to encourage children to like and eat more vegetables, and developing meals with high nutritional value for elderly people with small appetites.

Training in, and raising awareness to sustainable cuisine

The Food Academy carries out research into finding energy-saving and zero-waste solutions. Being a circular kitchen, no waste is permitted and all non-consumed food is transformed to avoid ending up as waste or leftovers.

The Academy is open to customers, suppliers, Italian and international scientific institutions, non-profit associations, Michelin-starred chefs, nutrition professionals, professors and university researchers and, as such acts as a real training school and research laboratory. 

The Academy enables Elior chefs in Italy to find, develop and perfect the best food processing and cooking techniques so as to create modern, tasty and balanced menus that are good for the well-being of everyone.  


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I love the open clean look. The Italian look is Superb!
Tosha Lee
19 August 2022

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