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“I expressed my desire to advance my career and they trusted me”

Formation CQP
Julien Peleau works as a production chef at Elior’s central kitchen in Agen. He is currently training to become a chef manager which will enable him to continue advancing his career within Elior.

Every year, around twenty Elior employees train to become chef managers, by obtaining a professional qualification certificate (CQP). "In particular, this training program is teaching me the keys to good management and the basics of management. I coordinate 15 people, so it's very important for me to receive support in managing a team well” says Julien Peleau, production chef at the central kitchen in Agen where he oversees the production of more than 7,000 meals a day for young nursery and school children. When he arrived at Elior in 2020, he was responsible for receiving goods. A few months later he was promoted to cook and then to production chef. “I used to work in a semi-gourmet restaurant and I moved to contract catering so that I could spend more time with my children. When I arrived at the Agen central kitchen, I gave myself the means to advance my career and people trusted me”. For the rest of his career, Julien would like to be a chef manager in the restaurant of a private school, and thus gain more autonomy. "This training program is helping me to prepare myself for my next position". 

This training program is helping me to prepare myself for my next position.

Created and issued by a professional branch, the CQP is a certification which attests to the mastery of own’s skills related to a specific trade. At Elior, trainees receive theoretical courses and practical training one week a month between October and June. The trainer and the tutor then validate the CQP. "This training program helps identify promising candidates with significant potential and supports people wishing to progress within the company," explains Stéphanie Lemière, trainer at Elior. For the third year running, this chef-manager training course was conducted internally by the Académie by Elior, an organization that develops training programs for all of the Group’s employees.


Another career path example is that of Marine Saltarelli, who joined Elior as a dietitian by way of a work-study program in 2018. She now works in a clinic in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. In constant contact with the nursing staff, she notably takes care of adapting the clinic’s meals to meet the needs of the patients. "When elderly people are hospitalized over a long period of time, I meet them to discuss their wishes and tastes so as to stimulate their appetite and thus avoid the risk of undernutrition". In the short term, obtaining this CQP has enabled her to expand her knowledge of management. In the long term, this training program will give her the opportunity to progress become a chef manager in a healthcare establishment. Accounting, drawing up health-control plans, organizing production in the kitchen and order management are some of the skills acquired during the training program. “I would like a job which offers a wider variety of missions and more management tasks, and for this, CQP is a real asset,” concludes Marine. 


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7 September 2022

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