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“Looking back over my career, I realize that I have indeed come a long way. It makes me proud!"

Elior Services
Hortense Ihuello joined Elior Services as a services agent, and, after several training courses, gradually took on more responsibility. Thanks to Elior Services University, around thirty employees receive career-development courses every year.

“I joined Elior Services in June 2009 on an interim basis in a retirement home in Brittany. I remember it very well, it was my birthday, it was like a gift," jokes Hortense Ihuello, who was initially taken on as a part-time services agent. At the time, her duties included cleaning the rooms, serving breakfast and cleaning the public areas. "Luckily, it wasn’t long before I was offered a permanent contract. Part-time suited me very well at the start because it gave me enough time to take care of my son, who as a baby at that time.” When her son grew up, Hortense was offered a full-time job in the same retirement home. Then over time, her team leader made Hortense her representative and point of contact when she was absent. "I reported on what was going on, spoke to the clients, and was the spokesperson for my six colleagues.” This was the first step towards assuming more responsibility.


"My team manager realized I was competent and gave me the opportunity to train as a team manager.” In 2017, Hortense followed a six-month training course, including three days a month at Elior Services headquarters in Paris.  She graduated with the knowledge of the technical basics and team management, as well as how to deal with difficult situations with clients, etc. "I became a team manager after my training.” As a team leader, she works in the field managing a team of six. Her duties include cleaning, as well as taking care of more administrative tasks such as recruiting replacements when required. Hortense is now training to become a site manager, which is the step above. Site managers manage client contracts, budgets, payroll, and recruitment. She will graduate in June 2022. “When I look back over my career, I realize that I've come a long way from my beginnings as a part-time employee. I am proud of myself! “

When I look back over my career, I realize that I've come a long way from my beginnings as a part-time employee. I am proud of myself! 

For 20 years, around thirty people per year have benefited from this career-development program and been able to progress within the company. "The University allows employees to grow, develop their career, and build a corporate network," explained Lauren Mbimbe-Sosso, a training officer at Elior Services. In 2022, 18 people are being trained to become team leaders and 18 people to become site managers. They receive very concrete and technical training on floor cleaning and safety at work for example, as well as on social-law and payroll issues and budget management. “At the beginning of the program, most trainees are employees without a degree.  Our training program enables them to obtain a certificate which then allows them to work in all cleaning companies, in hospitals or clinics for example”. 


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