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Serge Konayao, Elior Services site manager : “start at the bottom and move up the professional ladder“

Serge Elior Services
Career development and mobility is a two-fold source of professional enrichment and a way to encourage curious, motivated and enterprising employees. Serge Konayao's professional career illustrates this synergy.

What is your professional track record at Elior Services?

Serge Konayao I joined Elior when I got a student job. For the following two and a half years I held a series of fixed-term contracts at several Elior sites. That’s when my team leader at the time spotted me. She wanted us to continue working together, because, for her, our collaboration was promising since Elior is a company that promotes progress. I then went on to become a team leader.

The client and my supervisor were satisfied and trusted me. So, I was put in charge of the site. And given the work I did at this level I was rapidly promoted to the rank of multi-site manager. 

What did you learn from this experience?

SK Because I got in at the grass-roots level, I was able to move up the professional ladder. Many of my friends didn't believe it at first, but now they see that there is no such thing as a silly job. Get in at the bottom then move up. This is the message that I pass on to my team.

Get in at the bottom then move up. This is the message that I pass on to my team.

Serge Konayao - Elior Services site manager

What do you want to say to young people who are just starting out?

SK "He who sees the lion roar doesn’t run in the same way as he who hears the lion roar". Having progressed up through the ranks, I am able to make informed decisions. My agents apply these without too much question because they know I know the trade.

I am militant when it comes to associations. In this particular association, I give all members who are out of work the chance to look for a job. In general, because they know my track record, many of them are ready to follow my example.  For me, it wasn’t a job by default; it was my choice to get into cleaning and bio-cleaning. It is a real job that can give you real pleasure.


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