Culinary savoir-faire

The corporate canteen: a Food Court for employees to savor the latest culinary trends

Food court
For employees looking to try out the latest culinary trends at lunchtime, be it Italian cuisine, a vegetarian dish or a salad from the salad bar, Elior’s Parisian brand, Arpège, is deploying its Food Court offer in the 120 corporate restaurants it manages.

The Food Court offers guests a variety of thematic mini-restaurants which enables them to choose the meal according to what they feel like eating, as well as to their conviction or dietary orientation. This new generation corporate restaurant combines cuisine and culture for the first time, puts the emphasis on the quality of products, whether traditional, local or seasonal, and allows diners to compose their own menu as they wish.

A unique experience bringing culinary trends from all over the capital together under one roof

The Food Court concept brings together several culinary offers in one place, in a cosmopolitan and committed spirit.

A sample of the thematic mini-restaurants includes:

  • Le Passe:  this bistro-inspired restaurant proposes recipes made with fresh, local and seasonal products. Guests can compose their lunch to suit their taste and appetite with the help of the Chef, who then dresses their plate on the spot.
  • Sensé: puts the emphasis on sustainable and 100% vegetarian cuisine. Cosmopolitan menus are developed with a nutritionist to optimize the nutritional value of vegetable proteins. Fruits and vegetables are partly sourced from Organic Farming, a label that supports farmers, provides maintenance of biodiversity, and promotes environment-friendly products.
  • Da Gino: serves simple, traditional Italian cuisine.  All products are carefully selected: the cheeses are exclusively Italian, all cold cuts are PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) or GPI (Protected Geographical Index) labelled, the pizza dough is prepared on site and the Chefs cook the pasta on the spot.
  • Zesté: a salad bar where guests can either follow recipes developed by nutritionists or compose their salad as they wish from a selection of fresh, varied and seasonal ingredients.
  • Brut: specializes in cuts of meat, poultry and fish, using cutting, cooking and seasoning methods that optimize both taste and nutritional qualities.
  • Léché: offers a wide range of desserts developed by a team of pastry chefs. The gourmet coffee, for instance, offers guests the possibility of composing their own dessert to round off their meal. Fruit is sourced from virtuous sectors such as Organic Agriculture and eco-responsible orchards, which are particularly committed to environment-friendly production methods.


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