Culinary savoir-faire

Creating recipes designed to encourage people with disabilities to eat fruit and fresh vegetables

One of the challenges with regard to nourishing people with disabilities is promoting the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. This is why Elior's Chefs are committed to creating appetizing and balanced recipes specifically for this segment of the population.

For more than 25 years, Elior has nourished residents with disabilities in 180 specialized establishments in France. The Group has acquired significant expertise in this domain by serving meals that are adapted to the age and autonomy of residents, and constantly innovating to meet their needs as much as possible. 

Because people with disabilities have little appetite for fruits and vegetables, they tend to shy away from these foods which are essential to maintain a balanced diet. The challenge, therefore, is to create alternative solutions, such as fruit or vegetable cake or muffin recipes. 

Every quarter, Elior’s Chefs come together to invent new recipes or adapt existing recipes. At a workshop dedicated to cooking for people with disabilities, the following recipes were developed: 

  • Sweet granola recipes: coconut, oatmeal, chocolate, nugget and honey / raisins, oats, honey, hazelnut / cinnamon, raisins, almonds and maple syrup, etc.
  • Salty granola recipes: oatmeal, sunflower and parmesan / oatmeal, sesame, sunflower, soybean and honey, etc.

The chefs worked on creating healthy, gourmet recipes, the granola bringing indeed a touch of gourmandize to more traditional dishes such as compotes and salads, while being interesting from a nutritional point of view. 

  • 100% fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes: sweet potato, pear and 4 spices / red fruits, cucumber, basil / orange, carrot and turmeric, banana, fennel and kiwi, pumpkin, apple and lime, etc.

Including veggies directly in smoothies is a way to introduce new savors in a healthy and original way, and adding spices offers exposure to more unusual ingredients, such as basil or turmeric.

  • Reworking our cake recipes (both sweet and savory) to give them a smoother texture so that veggies can be eaten more easily. 

By adding milk to an already existing recipe, the Chefs created a dish that is easier to eat for guests.


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