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Establishing our presence in new markets

Refreshing our product and service offer, driving innovation and entering new markets: Elior is achieving its ambitions in a number of different ways. In recent months, the Group has embraced a number of new opportunities. In this article, we take a closer look at two of them: one in France, and the other in the USA.

Upscale bespoke catering with MAISON.A

Our subsidiary Arpège, a market leader in premium corporate catering in France, launched its MAISON.A concept in 2022. The initial idea was to apply the culinary excellence of Arpège to a full-service event offering in order to enter the strong corporate market in Paris and its wider region. The new service is a logical complement to the 30+ years of Arpège experience and expertise in every ingredient required to design and deliver upscale corporate events. The company works closely with MAISON.A clients to design impactful high-profile events that make unique memories for their employees and customers.

The process begins with the venue: MAISON.A has a unique address book of exceptional venues in Paris and its wider region, including La Galerie Bourbon, Verso by Victoire and METAL57. Then there is the staging of the event, from set designers to photographers, video producers, graphic artists and composers; in fact, the entire team required to create a unique environment that can include a broad range of hands-on experiences, such as cookery workshops and competitions, retrogaming and virtual reality adventures. Lastly, there is the exceptional fine-dining experience enjoyed by guests. In its role as talent spotter, MAISON.A is currently working with World Champion of the Sweet Arts Johanna Le Pape, for example. By collaborating with its big-name partners in orchestrating unforgettable experiences, MAISON.A is breathing new life into the premium events market and breaking new ground for the Group.

A new offer for the US health care market

Two other growth markets identified by the Group are Medicaid and Medicare Advantage. In the USA, patients covered by some health insurance plans have the option of meals delivered to their homes at the expense of their insurers. Building on its nutritional expertise in medically personalized meals and proven home delivery expertise, Elior North America has launched its new LiveWell with Traditions health plan meal benefit service. This new offer was launched following the development process that involved working closely with insurers, since they are the key intermediaries for operational implementation of the service. In reality, the impact is a largely positive one, since the personalized meals designed by LiveWell's registered dietitians for patients with chronic conditions or recently discharged from hospitals help to improve their general health and significantly reduce the number of readmissions and emergency room referrals.


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