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A new breakfast concept designed to make boarding school students feel at home

Being able to feel at home is key for students who spend the week in boarding school. At the Lycée LaSalle Auray high school in Kerplouz, Brittany, this involves providing them with a gourmet, self-service breakfast.

Students serve themselves, according to what, and how much they want to eat. On the menu: freshly-squeezed orange juice accompanied by butter croissants just out of the oven, or fresh bread they can slice themselves according to their appetite, etc. "This is a quiet corner where we choose what we want," explains Hugo, an intern at the Lycée LaSalle Auray. He composes his balanced breakfast by choosing a dairy product, a fruit, a cereal product and a hot drink.  

I have a great time there with my friends, and we eat well.

Given that boarding-school interns consume on average 570 meals a year, the canteen plays a central role in their daily life. The emphasis was therefore placed on creating a convivial atmosphere: the sudents serve themselves from the buffet, according to how hungry they are. "I think it's convenient, I always go back for seconds. It cheers me up.” said Matisse, another high school intern. The wooden furnishings also add a warm touch. "Students no longer have to form classic self-service queues as they do at lunchtime and in the evening.” For boarding-school headmaster, Jean-Pierre Kerbart, this is a real improvement in the daily lives of his students. And Noa, another intern, confirmed: "I have a great time there with my friends, and we eat well". 

It's like being in our own kitchen. The atmosphere’s intimate and friendly.

In the kitchen, this breakfast concept also offers a moment of pleasure. For Elior catering employee, Patricia Leclézio "it's like being in our own kitchen. The atmosphere’s intimate and friendly.” The self-service format breaks with the traditional contract-catering codes and lets Patricia get much closer to the students, without the barrier of the self-catering model. "The students even come to breakfast in their flip flops now. It’s just like being at home! And I pamper them as I would at home.”


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