Culinary savoir-faire

Partnerships forged with external Chefs to diversify recipes in our school and Health & welfare restaurants

The mission of our Elior Chefs is to develop the taste of children and people with disabilities and to awaken their palates to the diversity of savors by offering recipes adapted to individual preferences.

To diversify its menus and meet the different needs of its clients, Elior works with, and draws on the culinary expertise of specialist Chefs from outside the company so as to provide a revamped, contemporary offer that is as healthy, balanced and adapted to the needs and desires of children, people with disabilities and adults.

Promote well-being through food 

To meet the growing demand for gourmet plant-based cuisine, in 2019 Elior teamed up with Chef France Franco, a specialist in vegetarian and ayurevedic cooking. The goal is to offer a new menu that includes healthy and creative vegetarian recipes. During a series of workshops, Elior Chefs were able to test 20 recipes featuring plants and integrating quality foods with nutritional value: spices and fresh herbs, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, cereals and pulses. In particular, they worked on methods of preparation allowing to preserve the vitamins of plants (raw, steamed, etc.): cold cucumber soup, avocado and mint, vegetable curry with cashew nuts, small pots of raspberries, chia seeds and coconut milk etc.

Provide solutions to meet everyone’s preferences

The purpose of the workshops with Elior Chefs hosted by Stéphanie Bartczak was to propose in the future alternative canteen menus featuring plant-based pastries. During the workshops, Elior Chefs were able to discover recipes that are in tune with the times and which meet the expectations of the guests: gluten-free nonettes, almond milk panna cotta, carrot cake, chickpea cookies, cupcakes, etc.

Offer tasty recipes from around the world  

To meet the demand of our guests in the education and health & welfare segments, and notably cater to their preference for Asian food, Elior called on Chef Emilie Felix, founder of WAYO, a project designed to transmit her philosophy, knowledge and passion. Trained in Japan in the art of cooking and Japanese dietetics, Emilie Felix supports Elior Chefs in implementing this cuisine in order to be suitable for contract catering. To train our chefs in the development of this offer, Elior has organized several workshops based on a variety of topics: rice vinegar (sushi, maki, chirashi), marinades and seasonings, soups and broths, Japanese and Asian noodles.


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