Culinary savoir-faire

A photo review of The Arpège Food Court

The Arpège Food Court is offering a broad diversity of options and a great guest experience.It gives guests the option to choose their dishes from six distinctly different concepts.

Bistro cuisine at La Passe, 100% vegetarian at Sensé, Italian cuisine and traditional produce at Da Gino, the Zesté salad bar, and meat, poultry and fish at Brut. And for guests with a sweet tooth, desserts at Léché. The common thread running through this food court is the involvement of nutritionists in designing the dishes and sourcing produce from eco-responsible organic farms and orchards.

“The dishes are very varied and nutritionally well balanced. Everyone can put together their own menu, because there’s something for everyone and the food itself is really very good... even better than a restaurant!” Bilal Mokono, a civil servant with the French Ministry of the Interior.

Arpège Market Director Patrick Boisseau believes that the Food Court concept provides the perfect response to the expectations of today’s guests: “The health crisis has profoundly changed organizations and working methods, but it has also changed the expectations of guests who are now looking for greater authenticity, diversity and flexibility in their meals.”


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