Culinary savoir-faire

A restaurant-style lunch break

Orange service à table
Staff members employed at Orange’s new headquarters in Issy les Moulineaux can now enjoy their lunch with table service, just like in a restaurant. Proposed by Ansamble, this innovative service breaks with the codes of contract catering and is designed to offer employees a more-than-welcome moment of conviviality after months of teleworking.

The teams of Ansamble, a subsidiary of the Elior group, have imagined a different lunch break for employees wanting to find a friendly atmosphere and break with the rhythm of teleworking.

This restaurant respects the codes observed in traditional catering, and pays particular attention to the quality of products and the kitchen-teams’ fight against waste, notably by offering:

  • Table service as in a restaurant
  • Reservation in advance; a service which helps to limit food waste
  • A small, seasonal menu, featuring fresh, local and often organic products
  • Healthy, gourmet recipes and home cooked meals
  • A pleasant and bright venue that offers employees a real moment of relaxation for them to spend with their colleagues

This Ansamble initiative thus perfectly meets the current needs of employees in this new context which combines teleworking and physical presence in the office. This table-service restaurant enables colleagues to meet up on days when they are at the office, and enjoy a more convivial and qualitative lunch break, in a setting different from traditional contract catering; a new offer that makes one want to get back to the office. 


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