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Chefs & Go: a more flexible and digital catering solution for corporate employees

Chef & go
Trends in corporate catering have changed radically since the start of the pandemic. For some time now, employees spend less time over lunch, do not eat at a fixed time, and not always in the same place. This trend reflects a demand for greater flexibility which the sanitary crisis has further reinforced. In France, the Chefs & Go catering solution addresses this need while offering a healthy and tasty menu.

The sanitary crisis has stepped up changes in consumption habits

Times have indeed changed for corporate catering. Guests spend less time over their midday meal. Fewer people sit down to lunch and some don’t always eat off a plate or in the canteen. Above all, consumers have become more particular in their food choices, demanding dishes that are healthy, made with seasonal produce, and prepared on-site. In short, recipes that use good products which are locally sourced, organic, labeled, and, of course, French. It's hard getting everyone to agree with just one offer as was the case in the 1900s. Corporate canteens are also facing tough competition especially from bicycle and food-truck delivery teams who have been swift to snap up former canteen regulars. And as if that weren’t enough, consumers no longer eat at a fixed time - or in a fixed place. This should come as no surprise since the physical office concept as we once knew it is being replaced by a more mobile working model, enabling employees to work remotely in parks, in shared workspaces and in transit.

Chef & go
Chef & go

Innovate to adapt to the needs of the guests

Elior has created Chefs & Go, a catering solution designed to follow these trends by offering dishes for all tastes, and which are available at any time and at any place one choses to eat.

Chefs & Go meets the needs of the nomadic worker by enabling guests to eat their favorite dishes however and wherever they please:

  • Employees can place their orders via the Timechef app or on the company website. With a single click, their meal is "available", and they can either pick up their order at a collection point or have it delivered to their office.
  • Employees can also purchase their meals on the dedicated “Illico” space which offers a selection of take-out dishes, that are available in a connected fridge, in a display case, on a counter, etc.

The diversity of services, whether ordered or not, enables employees to optimize their time while respecting the rules of distancing. 

In addition, Chefs & Go is a varied culinary offer that is regularly updated. Diners can choose their take-out meal from a selection of the day’s “best-sellers”: hot dishes, sandwiches, salads, bowls, dairy products, pastries and gourmet desserts.


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