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The guest experience in enterprises reinvented by Elior

Confronted with the global upheaval in ways of working and consumption habits, Elior has undertaken an in-depth reinvention of its offer, resulting in a new range of catering solutions that are flexible over time, flexible in space yet inflexible in terms of quality.

Discover the main innovations designed to improve the corporate lunch break that are currently being tested at a few pilot sites.

Meals freshly prepared specially for you!

With the Chaud Bouillant offer, it is now possible to order a hot meal that is inspired by Parisian brasserie menus and made up of fresh and local products. The Time Chef application, which can be downloaded on a smartphone, offers dishes that are prepared in front of you and can be picked up at a chosen time in a dedicated area. Then it is up to you to decide where you want to consume it.

Discover the Chaud Bouillant concept

Good for you!

Developed with the partner Room Saveurs, the Petite Brigade solution makes it possible to order fresh, seasonal dishes that are prepared in a culinary workshop and then made available via Click & Collect, or in a smart fridge. The menus which are developed by chefs use local products and offer a high level of nutritional transparency.

Discover the Petite Brigade concept

Order your meal in a few clicks! 

When the pace at work picks up, going down to the staff canteen and standing in line is not always an option. Because of this, Chefs & Go provides access to the best self-service and fast-food recipes. A choice of balanced, varied meals, cooked on-site and at a lower cost, can be ordered online and collected at the time chosen by the guest. Chefs & Go also offers the Click & Serve service which ensures direct delivery to the office floors.

Access the Chefs & Go website

Connected like never before!

The smart fridge gives office workers unlimited access to an assortment of appetizers, tasty dishes, sandwiches, salads and desserts, at any time and every day. To unlock the refrigerator, nothing could be simpler:

1.    Present your means of payment in front of the badge or credit card reader
2.    Select the desired products
3.    Close the smart fridge
4.    Validate the shopping cart

Thanks to a chip affixed to the products, the smart fridge identifies the selected products and even acknowledges if a product has been taken then put back. All you have to do is take away your meal and enjoy it!

Discover the smart fridge

Your favorite brands at your fingertips! 

Elior’s portfolio of around a dozen franchised brands, including Exki, Daily Monop, Paul, Sushi Shop, etc., enables guests to find everyday brands in their work environment. These products are also available in smart fridges and with the Click & Collect service.

Discover the franchise partners

Direct home delivery! 

Thanks to the partnership between Elior and i-Lunch, teleworkers also have access to healthy and gourmet meals delivered to their homes. Elior decided to team up with i-Lunch so that teleworkers could have several meals and / or a basket of fresh products and groceries delivered to their homes once a week. Developed by chefs and a dietician, the recipes are made up of fresh and seasonal French products, of which more than 50% are sourced locally and from sustainable agriculture.


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