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Currently being rolled out in the UK, KIOSK touchscreen terminals allow guests to order and pay online, rather than use a mobile app they may not always have had the chance to download.

The first thing to say is that Covid-19 has most definitely accelerated the pace of tech-based innovation. A more digital life with greater mobility is resulting in new instincts. “Digital has become our most important strategic focus,” agrees Claire Small, Director of Innovation at Elior UK. “Ordering online is increasingly common, because it reduces person-to-person contact, which many consumers have found reassuring since last year. But many of our sites are simply not equipped for online ordering: WiFi signals are not always the strongest, and potential guests – and especially those in senior residential care – don’t always have smartphones. Our Breaz app is a mobile app, but when you’re visiting a patient, for example, it’s not necessarily ideal to have to download an app to your phone.” 


This reality led to the idea of designing a more intuitive solution that would be more widely accessible to many more people. The result is the digital KIOSK terminal, whose oversize tablet-like screen shows guests visuals of menu options, allows them to put together their meal tray, order it and pay for it. Installed in self-service areas, these kiosks can significantly reduce waiting lines. Currently on test in two UK pilot sites, they will initially be introduced in parallel with existing catering options in a number of sites, but may well replace them completely in some locations. Claire Small believes that they are likely to prove very successful in settings like universities and museums... “Similar kiosks already exist in some English franchises, so guests are familiar with the concept. It’s our intention to offer them solutions they’re already familiar with and like using. Kiosks really speed up the meal ordering process, which is something our guests find very important,” says Claire Small.


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