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Paul Quipourt, Head of transformation Elior France "our goal is to provide ever easier and more personalized services to our guests"

Attentive to the new expectations of those we serve on a daily basis, Elior is diversifying its catering solutions for corporate employees.

The Group innovates to enable its corporate guests to eat what they want, where they want and when they want, while continuing to eat healthier, more balanced and sustainable food.


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What do you see as the next challenges for Business and Industry contract catering?

Paul Quipourt B&I contract catering challenges are not new and only linked to the current context. They are, however, being amplified by the sanitary crisis, as new working methods are accelerating their transformation. Going to the corporate restaurant, every day, at a fixed time slot, no longer meets the needs and expectations of guests. Given that the pace and organization of work have changed, and consumption and catering methods have developed, the sector must reinvent itself.

More flexible in time, more flexible in space, yet inflexible in terms of quality! 

Paul Quipourt - Head of transformation (Elior France) 

How do you approach these changes at Elior?

Paul Quipourt It is on this principle that we are now developing a reinvented B&I contract catering offer that meets 3 challenges: more flexible in time, more flexible in space, yet inflexible in terms of quality! Savor a real hot takeaway dish inspired by the menus of Parisian brasseries with the Chaud Bouillant offer; order your meal online, pick it up at the selected time or have it delivered directly to your office with Chefs&Go; pick up fresh and seasonal dishes available in a connected fridge thanks to the digital canteen Petite Brigade; this is just a few of the solutions that we are currently testing with our customers to meet these changes.



And concretely, what is the objective?

Paul Quipourt Above all, our objective is to provide ever easier and more personalized services to our guests. We also want to show that we are capable of meeting the expectations of both our long-standing customers and smaller entities, as well as the teleworking needs of employees. Today, saying that we are reinventing ourselves is good, but showing it is even better. It is in this context that we recently organized the Food For Good event and invited all our stakeholders to discover and test these innovations.


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