Anti-waste recipe: velouté of carrots and milk foam with apple peelings

Did you know that? According to the ADEME, the annual carbon footprint of food waste would be nearly 15.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year or 3% of France's greenhouse gas emissions. In order to fight against food waste at home, we suggest you to reproduce this anti-waste recipe elaborated by our chefs.

Ingredients for 6 persons
  • 100g minced shallots
  • 500g of carrots cut into slices
  • 30g of butter
  • 6 pinches of fine salt
  • 50cl of water
  • 25cl of liquid cream
  • 25cl of milk
  • The peelings of 2 apples
  • 1 sheet of gelatine

Velouté of carrots

1.    In a saucepan, put the butter and shallots

2.    Fry over a low heat with the salt without bringing coloring

3.    As soon as the shallots become translucent, add the carrots

4.    Fry them for 5 minutes and add the water and cream

5.    Leave to cook with a lid 20 min on low heat

7.    Mix and keep warm

Milk foam with apple peelings

1.    Put the milk in a saucepan with the washed apple peelings

2.    Bring to the boil and leave the skins to infuse for 20 minutes

3.    Put the gelatine leaf in cold water to soften

4.    Remove the apple peelings from the milk

5.    Allow the milk to cool without boiling

6.    Stop the heat and put the drained gelatine sheet on the stove

Chef’s tip:

Place the velouté of carrots in a bowl. 
With a blender, give some impulses to foam.
Recover the foam with a spoon and place it delicately on the velouté. 
Finish with ¼ pepper mill turn.

•    ADEME - France's ecological transition agency committed to the fight against global warming and resource degradation


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