Vanilla flavored plant-based Panna Cotta

Voluptuous, Italian jelly cream pudding, the ideal light dessert to round off your meals after the end-of-year festivities. Try out this delicious recipe developed by the 100% plant-based consultant, Stéphanie Bartczak, during a workshop organized for our Elior Chefs.

Ingredients for approximately five 120 g portions
  • 429 g of soy cream
  • 86 g of soy milk
  • 86 g of sugar
  • 6 cl of vanilla extract
  • 1.75 g of agar-agar

1.    In a saucepan, mix the soy cream, soy milk, sugar and vanilla extract

2.    Heat over low heat, whisking constantly

3.    Add the agar-agar and bring to the boil

4.    Pour the hot mixture immediately into dome-shaped moulds 

5.    Leave to cool in fridge for 2 hours before unmolding or serve directly in the mould


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