Carbon impact

A loyalty program to encourage diners to consume responsibly

Just One Tree
Employees lunching in Elior’s corporate canteens in the UK are being encouraged to eat meals with a lower carbon footprint through a partnership forged between Elior and JUST ONE Tree, the association which supports reforestation projects around the globe. For every vegetarian dish purchased, employees accumulate points, which Elior then transforms into donations for the association. This innovative approach makes it possible to replant trees in different regions of the world and to raise consumer awareness to this issue.

A loyalty program designed to help employees make responsible meal choices in the canteen

To encourage consumers to buy more responsibly and participate in reforestation, Elior has forged a partnership with the not-for profit organisation, JUST ONE Tree.

Using the Breaz menu-consultation application designed by Elior, employees accumulate points every time they make a responsible purchase. In concrete terms, employees receive one point when they order a vegetarian or vegan meal at lunchtime. Vegetarian and vegan menus feature dishes such as arancini with grilled vegetables, served with tomato sauce and salad, or Thai coconut milk curry with tofu and mushrooms, all of which have a lower carbon impact than a meat dish.

For every 10 points obtained, a tree is planted by JUST ONE Tree. This loyalty program was therefore created to educate and inform consumers about the impacts their choices have on the environment, and to encourage them to take action for the planet.

An initiative to support JUST ONE Tree, an association that acts for reforestation

JUST ONE Tree is an association that promotes reforestation around the world. For Amanda Bronkhorst, founder of JUST ONE Tree, “Trees are carbon sinks, absorbing the pollutants we humans put into the atmosphere. They clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, prevent soil erosion and flooding, give life to the world's wildlife, form complex ecosystems, supply us with medicine and provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people. They really are the superheroes of the planet and we need them in order to survive.”

The association therefore encourages companies to donate funds to plant trees and thus reversing biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 


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