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Check out the photos of Verger Saint Rock High Environmental Value (HEV) grapes

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From September 14 to 25, 2020, all Elior restaurants in France will be featuring Muscat, a wine made from a variety of grapes cultivated in the heart of the Vaucluse department. Discover one of the vineyards that is committed to respecting biodiversity.

For 18 months, Les Vergers Saint Rock have committed to following a voluntary HVE (High Environmental Value) certification process. The vineyard covers 45 ha and is surrounded by 40 ha of woods, which is a tremendous vector of biodiversity. The vine stock is also protected by large nets which, together with destructive confusion techniques, reduce the use of pesticides to 75%.

HEV certification (High Environmental Value)

To obtain HEV certification, producers must commit to achieving a set of results that are measured by environmental performance indicators in terms of:

  • Biodiversity protection,
  • An optimized phytosanitary strategy,
  • Rational fertilization management,
  • Rational water-resources management.

Delivered by a Ministry of Agriculture-approved certification body, the HVE stamp guarantees that Muscat grapes come from farms that are engaged in the highest level of environmental certification.


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