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Eco-friendly yoghurts for Spanish schoolchildren

In the 32 public schools in Gijon (Spain), Serunion’s teams offer school children organic, locally-sourced desserts served in reusable glass containers.

In a bid to limit the amount of plastic yoghurt containers which are difficult to recycle, Serunion’s teams in Spain offer their young guests yoghurts served in reusable containers once a week. This small gesture by school canteens reduces the annual consumption of disposable plastic by 600 kg. This initiative is designed to make little children aware of the protection of the environment and the impact of our food. 

These desserts are healthier because they have no additives or added sugars. To decorate and sweeten their yoghurt, the children can add cereals or pieces of fresh fruit, which are much healthier than sugar. Added sugar can provoke health problems in young children, and excessive consumption can cause cavities and obesity. For this reason, Serunion is gradually reducing the sugar content of its desserts. 

These bio yogurts are produced by a local company, Los Caserinos. The milk comes from an organic farm where the cows are fed dry grass and alfalfa which do not contain any herbicides or chemical fertilizers. This is apparent in the taste of milk, to which Los Caserinos does not add any preservatives or coloring.  


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