Sustainable produce

Increase the proportion of locally grown produce in meals: the Adour kiwi

Respecting and preserving natural resources are major challenges for our company. By increasing the proportion of responsible produce in our meals we can directly address this issue.

Using produce that respects nature and people, as well as educating the children and adults who consume these products are key to moving forward together towards adopting best practices.  

The Adour kiwi: a locally-grown product

The Adour kiwi has been cultivated at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains for 30 years and is the only kiwi to benefit from official IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certification. It owes its quality to the fact that it comes from the Landes region which has a naturally rich soil and benefits from a mild oceanic climate. Its nutritional properties, taste qualities and cultivation methods meet strict and controlled specifications.

A sustainable partnership

In 2016, Elior joined forces with the Scaap Kiwifruits de France cooperative, based in Labatut in the Landes region, with a view to forging a lasting partnership. This approach was greatly appreciated by the kiwi cooperative given that it is rare for a large catering company to want to communicate on the origin of products and promote the producer of these products to consumers. For the cooperative, this direct contact with the catering firm was therefore a first.  

Since then, every February, Adour kiwifruit is featured on all Elior restaurant menus in France. In 2020, 38 tons of kiwis were delivered. The regularity of this annual order ensures a win-win balance for the Group’s producers. In 2021, the focus will be on anticipating the volumes ordered so as to enhance visibility for producers, and last- mile distributors.

Participating in a healthy diet

Consumers expect products that are both good and healthy, and more importantly, information and transparency concerning the origin of these products. While there are no visual signs that distinguish one kiwi from another, the difference lies in the fruit’s origin and taste. Putting Adour kiwifruit on the menu makes the product more readable in terms of traceability. For Scaap Kiwifruits de France and for Elior, it was important to provide consumers with qualitative information about the product and recognition of the rigorous work carried out by the cultivators. 


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