Sustainable produce

“Short circuit model used for all food products produced at our farm in Haute-Savoie”

As sales manager at the Challonges farm in the Haute Savoie region, Marc André is responsible for selling high quality beef and pork products directly to local buyers without the intervention of any intermediaries.

“We don’t work with any intermediaries at the Challonges farm”, explained Marc-André. “For a farm, this business model is quite unusual. It enables us to sell all the quality meat products obtained from the livestock that are raised locally on a short circuit model, processed in an on-site workshop, then sold to butchers or wholesale. Every part of each animal is thus transformed into meat, cured meat, pâté, etc.”

For Elior cooks, the quality of the products was essential

These products can be found on the menus of many restaurants located a few kilometers from the farm. For the past four years, Elior has been purchasing meat and cured meat from the Challonges farm for its 14 B&I restaurants in the Savoie and Haute Savoie regions. This partnership also makes sense from an operational point of view. "It's interesting to sell to collective restaurants because they regularly cook sautéed pork and beef bourguignon with less noble cuts that we have more difficulty selling to butchers", explains Marc-André. It is an outlet that promotes the entire animal and helps the farm to find its financial balance.

There's something for everyone,

In the kitchen, Marc-André felt that “for Elior cooks, the quality of the products was essential”. Pigs are raised on straw, and mainly fed cereals. This has a beneficial effect in the kitchen, because pork releases a lot less water when cooked. Every week, the kitchen teams take pleasure in cooking these local products. “There's something for everyone,” concludes Marc-André.


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