Zero Waste

In the UK, surplus food redistributed among local communities

In the UK, Elior teams organize collections of surplus food products so as to reduce food waste and support local communities.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, therefore, nearly 23,000 meals have been redistributed thanks to Elior’s partnership with Olio: an application that facilitates the redistribution of surplus food products. This application makes it is very easy to identify which products are available and to locate them. Olio teams then collect these surplus food products across the UK for distribution to neighbours or among their local community.

Thanks to the Group’s partnership with Olio (forged in 2019), Elior teams in the UK significantly increased the number of food collections organized during the sanitary crisis with a view to avoid throwing away food surpluses stemming from the reduced number of customers in restaurants. During the lockdown, food donations were notably distributed to those who, because of the risk to their health or to reduce social contact, were unable to get their food provisions from supermarkets or food banks. 

Elior intends to pursue this partnership over the long term by encouraging other clients to adopt this virtuous approach.

Key figures: March - September 2020


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