Vincent Charoy

Vincent Charoy, Director of the Épône central kitchen: “We cook balanced and tasty meals for children and senior citizens"

22 Sep. 2020
Dos de cabillaud

Dos de cabillaud (Cod loin) in flavored oil

23 Sep. 2020
Banques alimentaires

Franck Reneaud, Director of the Moulins central kitchen : "donating our surplus food allows us to reduce waste"

02 Mar. 2020
Arran McDowell

Arran McDowell, Safety Director : ”In 2019, more than 50,000 employees took at least one training course on health and safety”

17 Mar. 2020
Cuisine centrale

COVID 19: contract catering meets growing expectations in terms of hygiene and food safety

15 Apr. 2020
Serge Elior Services

Serge Konayao, Elior Services site manager : “start at the bottom and move up the professional ladder“

27 Apr. 2020
Fabiana Elior UK

Fabiana Matos, UK Catering Manager : “we have reduced the number of plastic cutlery utensils by one million”

20 May. 2020

Innovation designed to streamline consumer check-out flows and better inform guests

17 Jun. 2020