Panna Cotta

Chestnut panna cotta with poached pears

17 Jan. 2022
Framboise coco

Ayurvedic cuisine: raspberry, coconut and chia-seed

14 Feb. 2022
Compensation carbone

Supporting agroecology to promote biodiversity and participate in agricultural model transition

29 Sep. 2020
Repas végétarien

Vegetarian meals adapted to meet the needs and tastes of children and adolescents in school canteens

01 Oct. 2020

Limiting food waste in corporate restaurants thanks to Too Good To Go

16 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: tempura of zucchini peelings

16 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: vegetable peel chips

19 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: vegetarian leftovers empanadas

23 Oct. 2020