Arran McDowell

Arran McDowell, Safety Director : ”In 2019, more than 50,000 employees took at least one training course on health and safety”

17 Mar. 2020

Nutri-Score: adapt to contract catering an efficient and useful public health tool

20 Mar. 2020
Cuisine centrale

COVID 19: contract catering meets growing expectations in terms of hygiene and food safety

15 Apr. 2020
Serge Elior Services

Serge Konayao, Elior Services site manager : “start at the bottom and move up the professional ladder“

27 Apr. 2020
Eat them to defeat them

A fun and games approach designed to convince schoolchildren to eat more veggies in the UK

10 Sep. 2021

Refugee Food Festival recipe: hazelnut Qatayef

06 Nov. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: give a second life to your stale bread leftovers

25 Nov. 2020

Granola : cinnamon, honey, almonds and pumpkin seeds

03 Dec. 2020

“Bredele” Christmas cookies topped with vegetale royal icing

10 Dec. 2020