Contract catering[26]

Nutri-Score: adapt to contract catering an efficient and useful public health tool

20 Mar. 2020
Cuisine centrale

COVID 19: contract catering meets growing expectations in terms of hygiene and food safety

15 Apr. 2020

Special day dedicated to innovation designed to step up the transformation of contract catering

06 Jul. 2021

Chantal Julia, physician and nutritionist: “Nutri-Score for catering settings is calculated on the basis of the recipe and cooking method”

11 Mar. 2021
Sous les fraises

From roof-top to fork: an alternative food sourcing solution for corporate catering

29 Mar. 2021

Vincent Gendrot, CEO of Ansamble: "We are aware of the social and environmental issues to be addressed in the medium term"

01 Sep. 2021

Cross-interview with Paul Quipourt, Director of Transformation at Elior France, and Sixte de Vauplane, founder of Nestor: "We are delighted to share our savoir-faire and to construct the next stage in our development, together.”

16 Apr. 2021