Contract catering[19]

Nutri-Score: adapt to contract catering an efficient and useful public health tool

20 Mar. 2020
Cuisine centrale

COVID 19: contract catering meets growing expectations in terms of hygiene and food safety

15 Apr. 2020
Sous les fraises

From roof-top to fork: an alternative food sourcing solution for corporate catering

29 Mar. 2021

Chantal Julia, physician and nutritionist: “Nutri-Score for catering settings is calculated on the basis of the recipe and cooking method”

11 Mar. 2021

Central-kitchen food donations to limit food waste

14 Oct. 2020

Cross-interview with Paul Quipourt, Director of Transformation at Elior France, and Sixte de Vauplane, founder of Nestor: "We are delighted to share our savoir-faire and to construct the next stage in our development, together.”

16 Apr. 2021

AFNOR-certified restaurants ensure resumption of activities with confidence

17 May. 2021

Olivier Da Silva, Michelin-starred Chef of the L’ODAS restaurant: “when I create a recipe, I put myself, first and foremost, in the patient’s shoes”

11 Feb. 2021