Food waste[16]

Banques alimentaires

Franck Reneaud, Director of the Moulins central kitchen : "donating our surplus food allows us to reduce waste"

02 Mar. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: omelette with ratatouille

21 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: smoked carrot peelings

27 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: vegetarian leftovers empanadas

23 Oct. 2020
Waste nothing

"Measuring waste in the kitchen is a real eye-opener"

17 Nov. 2021

Anti-waste recipe: tempura of zucchini peelings

16 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: velouté of carrots and milk foam with apple peelings

26 Oct. 2020

On an American campus, a kitchen team commits to composting its bio-waste

01 Feb. 2022

In the UK, surplus food redistributed among local communities

25 Sep. 2020