Food waste[15]

Central-kitchen food donations to limit food waste

14 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: omelette with ratatouille

21 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: vegetarian leftovers empanadas

23 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: vegetable peel chips

19 Oct. 2020

Anti-waste recipe: tempura of zucchini peelings

16 Oct. 2020

Limiting food waste in corporate restaurants thanks to Too Good To Go

16 Oct. 2020
Banques alimentaires

Franck Reneaud, Director of the Moulins central kitchen : "donating our surplus food allows us to reduce waste"

02 Mar. 2020

In the UK, surplus food redistributed among local communities

25 Sep. 2020
Fabiana Elior UK

Fabiana Matos, UK Catering Manager : “we have reduced the number of plastic cutlery utensils by one million”

20 May. 2020