Food waste[29]

Central-kitchen food donations to limit food waste

14 Oct. 2020

Using artificial intelligence in the fight against food waste

30 Sep. 2021

Anti-waste recipe: omelette with ratatouille

21 Oct. 2020
Anti gaspi

Elior commits to reducing its food waste by 30% between now and 2025

29 Sep. 2021
Feed from food

When the fight against food waste benefits… our four-legged friends!

11 Jan. 2022

Trashed, the zero food waste recipe blog, wins over employees of major London companies

09 Apr. 2021

Elior Solidarity supports the mobile canning project to limit food waste of the association, l’économe

19 Jul. 2021
Waste nothing

"Measuring waste in the kitchen is a real eye-opener"

17 Nov. 2021

Elior chefs in the United States creating anti-waste recipes

23 Jun. 2021