Nutri-Score makes its debut in the school canteen to educate children and adolescents and better inform their parents

01 Sep. 2020

Nutri-Score: adapt to contract catering an efficient and useful public health tool

20 Mar. 2020

Deployment of Nutri-Score: report from a school campus in Valbonne

03 Sep. 2021
Nutri Score

Damien Pénin, CEO of the education market at Elior France: "At the start of the school year, we will begin deploying Nutri-Score in middle and high schools"

02 Sep. 2021

Chantal Julia, physician and nutritionist: “Nutri-Score for catering settings is calculated on the basis of the recipe and cooking method”

11 Mar. 2021
Nutri score Espagne

Nutri-Score and Carbone-Score labelling inform company employees in Spain on the nutritional quality and environmental impact of their meals

07 Apr. 2021

Elior rolls out Nutri-Score in school cafeterias: we report from the Lycée René Descartes high school in Saint-Genis de Laval

08 Mar. 2021

Elior drawing on its reserve of start-ups to find innovative solutions for the catering of tomorrow

21 Jun. 2021
Eco Score

Environmental labeling trials in company canteens to guide diners towards environment-friendly food

18 Mar. 2021