Nutri score Espagne

Nutri-Score and Carbone-Score labelling inform company employees in Spain on the nutritional quality and environmental impact of their meals

07 Apr. 2021

Propose dishes that combine gastronomy and healthy nutrition to accompany patients suffering from cancer

04 Feb. 2021

Feeding professional cyclists: the challenge for Elior’s Director of Nutrition, Véronique Mourier

03 Sep. 2020

Serge Hutte’s journal, episode 2: “Our meals are customized to meet runners’ nutritional needs and to help them confront the difficult stages of the race”

08 Jul. 2021

Nutri-Score: adapt to contract catering an efficient and useful public health tool

20 Mar. 2020
Partenariat cyclisme

Journal of Serge Hutte, chef for the Team TotalEnergies cyclists: "We cooked meals with Breton produce "

01 Jul. 2021

Nutri-Score makes its debut in the school canteen to educate children and adolescents and better inform their parents

01 Sep. 2020

Elior drawing on its reserve of start-ups to find innovative solutions for the catering of tomorrow

21 Jun. 2021

Serge Hutte’s journal, episode 3: “It's the last stretch before Paris"

16 Jul. 2021

Deployment of Nutri-Score: report from a school campus in Valbonne

03 Sep. 2021

Roasted Brussel sprouts with cider vinaigrette

12 Mar. 2021