aleph tea

Backing solidarity initiatives championed by Elior employees: the commitment of Maria Dolores Aparicio in Spain

21 Jul. 2021

Packaging: a key issue for responsible collective catering

16 Jun. 2021
Recette Mr.Goodfish

Mr. Goodfish fish recipe : mackerel and tomato compote with olives

07 May. 2020
Nutri Score

Damien Pénin, CEO of the education market at Elior France: "At the start of the school year, we will begin deploying Nutri-Score in middle and high schools"

02 Sep. 2021
Anti gaspi

Elior commits to reducing its food waste by 30% between now and 2025

29 Sep. 2021

Responsible fishing: guiding consumers to choose the right fish, at the right season

20 May. 2021
Fabiana Elior UK

Fabiana Matos, UK Catering Manager : “we have reduced the number of plastic cutlery utensils by one million”

20 May. 2020