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AFNOR-certified restaurants ensure resumption of activities with confidence

Over the past few months, players in the contract catering sector have had to adapt continuously so as to comply as closely as possible with the recommendations of the sanitary authorities and ensure their essential role as social caterers. Because of this, now that the lockdown is in the process of being lifted, Elior’s canteen teams are ready to welcome their guests. This involvement is borne out by the fact that Elior’s restaurants have obtained approval from AFNOR Certification , a benchmark certification body.

Since March 2020, Elior’s teams have been drafting a prevention guide to support restaurants in implementing the specific COVID-19 measures necessary to protect employees and guests on a daily basis. In keeping with the progression of the pandemic and developments in government decisions, this guide has been updated to constantly meet new sanitary requirements, regardless of the catering environment (school canteen or B&I restaurant).

Elior Group wanted to go even further in implementing this protocol so as to reassure its customers, guests and employees. Because of this, the Group’s hygiene measures have been verified by AFNOR, a recognized, third-party organization, on the basis of its benchmark system. AFNOR’s "Verification of hygiene measures" label endorses and recognizes the commitment of Elior and its teams. Audits specific to contract catering were carried out in order to verify the following elements, concerning:

  • Organization and preparation: presence of specific cleaning and disinfection protocols, availability of personal protective equipment and products necessary for the application of sanitary measures (hydro-alcoholic gel, masks, etc.)
  • Elior employees: employees informed of the measures taken on the site, compliance with the measures when beginning their shift (cleaning of hands, change of outfit, etc.), wearing a mask, regular hand washing, sanitary measures observed during breaks, etc.
  • Guests: presence of hydro-alcoholic gel at the entrance of the restaurant, barrier gesture displays, guest-flow direction signage, presence of a plexiglass wall at cash-out and distribution points, respect for guests’ sitting arrangements so as to respect physical distancing

Elior is the first player in the contract catering sector to have undertaken this certification process.  Obtaining the “COVID-19 Hygiene Measures verified by AFNOR Group” label is a guarantee of the efficiency of the Group’s organization and its full compliance with official sanitary protocols. For its customers, this label underscores the professionalism of the Group’s teams in demanding and complex situations.  


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