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COVID 19: contract catering meets growing expectations in terms of hygiene and food safety

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The ongoing sanitary crisis which has taken, and is continuing to take us all by storm, has underscored the key role of contract catering in ensuring the continuity of activity in certain sectors. On a day to day basis, Elior’s priority is to ensure the health and safety of its guests.

This expertise has thus made it possible to cook and serve meals in the best conditions for the elderly, sick, and nursing staff in particular, as well as for students and employees. 

Health and safety expertise

Hygiene and food safety are fundamental in contract catering: supplier selection and monitoring, food alert management, drawing up hygiene and food safety guidelines. In addition to these strict measures taken to ensure the quality of its meals, Elior has reinforced its habitual health standards so as to respond appropriately to this emergency situation. 

Within a few days, therefore, Elior put in place the following measures in the restaurants that remained open during the lockdown: 

  • Switching to detergents that comply with medical standards which are more demanding than agri-food standards. 
  • Implementing strict safety instructions, including a specific process for returning and cleaning trolleys in healthcare institutions, and the supply of appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Adapting simplified menus in restaurants that remained open during the lockdown so as to limit contact with diners as much as possible.

The central kitchen network preparing meals in complete safety

In France, Elior’s network of 16 central kitchens maintains catering services for patients, nursing staff and dependent elderly people. So as to ensure everyone’s safety, Elior draws on the solid expertise of its kitchen staff to provide meals that are in compliance with all hygienic conditions. 

In particular, during meal preparation, the following safety instructions are followed: 

  • General application of barrier gestures: no contact, social distancing, etc.
  • Taking delivery of goods carried out in complete safety: ensuring a distance of 1m from the delivery person, using one’s own pen to sign delivery slips, etc.
  • Reinforcing protection measures by systematically using masks and gloves
  • Reinforcing hygiene measures in the kitchen: systematic cleaning and disinfection of worktops before use, disinfecting contact points such as door handles, switches, etc. at least twice a day 

Supporting the resumption of activity in complete safety

Elior has supported the progressive easing of the lock-down of the population by providing catering in a secure environment for schools, nurseries and businesses. 

In schools, the Group has set up a traditional self-catering offer that is prepared on site or via the central kitchens and which meets strict safety instructions for production and service, notably by providing a simplified offer and extending hours to prevent students from crossing each other’s paths. 

In companies, so as to meet increased expectations in terms of hygiene and food safety, Elior has adapted its catering offer and space layout: possibility of having meals delivered directly to the office, extension of restaurant opening times (from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm), implementation of protective measures in restaurants, etc. 


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