Balanced, customized menus for Italian employees

My Diet
To help guests choose balanced meals adapted to their needs, employees dining in Elior’s B&I restaurants in Italy have access to a digital service that allows them to plan a personalized lunch break according to their specific tastes and nutritional needs.

Elior teams in Italy have created MyDiet, a meal planner that adapts to each guest so as to offer them customized, tasty and balanced meals.

Concretely, via the Joyfood application, employees input certain personal elements (weight, height, lifestyle, etc.) and their goals. The application then provides them with their own menu for the five days of the week. For example, on Monday this might be spring barley salad and chicken escalope with tomatoes, followed on Tuesday by whole wheat fusilli with arugula pesto and a steamed spinach omelet, and so on.

Employees seeking a higher level of menu personalization, can contact dieticians directly on the app. 

Elior has developed an in-depth knowledge of the needs and expectations of its guests in Italy, where it serves more than 100 million B&I employee meals per year. The nutritionists network makes it possible to construct a menu plan that meets the different needs of each individual.

Thanks to the JoyFood application developed for B&I restaurants, Elior Italy provides diners with a take-out meal service that can be reserved on the application. In addition, JoyFood offers a payment option which avoids cash payments and reduces checkout queues. It also makes it possible to manage flows more efficiently by providing real-time information on the evolution of restaurant attendance, and by allowing diners to reserve time slots.



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