Elior drawing on its reserve of start-ups to find innovative solutions for the catering of tomorrow

Elior is backing health-care innovations, such as meat alternatives for a healthier diet and gourmet sauces to fight against under-nutrition, by supporting five start-ups whose objective is to leverage food as the means to ensure better health. The two innovations created by the start-ups Umiami and Ogust are presented below.

Elior Group teamed up with the Prevent2Care Lab accelerator in order to develop new initiatives in the field of health nutrition. The Nutrition Lab is operated by INCO with the support of the historical partners of the Prevent2Care Lab, as well as the Ramsay Santé Foundation, and, on the initiative of the project, the Pfizer Innovation France endowment fund. The Lab is a free, support program dedicated to players which innovate for better health prevention in the fields of nutrition and food.

Within the context of the incubator, Elior group meets the start-ups to taste their products and discuss Elior's needs, and freely provides them with direct, constructive feedback.

Umiami offers alternatives to meat and fish

Umiami offers plant-based alternatives to reduce the consumption of meat and fish and overcome the negative impact these foods can have on health. The alternative products offered do not contain any cholesterol or heavy metals and do not contribute to antibiotic resistance. The start-up uses an innovative texturing technology to imitate the textures of meat and fish, starting from a list of plant-based and natural ingredients. The two products developed thus far, nuggets and cod, are extremely tasty and have considerable nutritional qualities (Nutri-Score B, moving towards A).  

Receiving support from Elior’s nutrition and innovation experts has helped the start-up to create a product that is adapted to the needs of consumers in collective catering. The next stage will be will be to determine the Nutri-Score expectations in collective catering, as well as the type of plant-based products guests are looking for, and the standards in collective catering.


Ogust offers gourmet sauces to fight against under-nutrition

Ogust offers a new approach to nutritional supplements in the fight against under-nutrition. The start-up formulates and develops nutritionally-enriched sauces, to meet the specific dietary needs of undernourished people, while taking into account their taste, pleasure and reduced appetite. These ready-to-use sauces fit directly into the plate, which is both time-saving and practical for catering and health-care professionals.

The start-up and Elior’s teams met to discuss the product. This meeting was an opportunity for the start-up to receive feedback from Elior's nutrition, culinary and sales experts: kitchen processes, equipment, under-nutrition treatment, waiting for guests to arrive, etc. It also enabled Elior to discover the innovative products it could use to make enriched dishes more easily for the elderly in retirement homes.


For the start-ups, these discussions confirmed Elior's interest in their products and gave them a better understanding of the specific needs and uses of collective catering.


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