A fun and games approach designed to convince schoolchildren to eat more veggies in the UK

Eat them to defeat them
Returning to school after the summer break is the opportunity for Elior’s canteen teams to educate children about healthy eating. In the UK, fun activities are being used to encourage children to eat more vegetables.

In the United Kingdom, where 80% of children do not eat enough vegetables, a national campaign is being broadcast by Vegpower on British TV channels. with the following message: "They come from deep under the ground...sunlight fuels their power... and they will stop at nothing until they have taken over the world... Eat them to defeat them! ": a funny message drafted specially to capture the children’s interest.

Elior’s teams in the UK have appropriated this campaign to promote the consumption of vegetables in school canteens. In concrete terms, one vegetable is featured every week and Elior’s chefs cut and decorate the vegetables in such a way as to create funny characters, at times transforming the canteen into a veritable scene straight out of a cartoon. Tomatoes, corn, peppers, carrots, peas and broccoli, are just some of the vegetables that are transformed for the schoolchildren!

Games and other educational activities are organized on this occasion. The aim is also to encourage children to eat vegetables and taste those that some do not know.

Eat them to defeat them
Eat them to defeat them


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