Nutri-Score: adapt to contract catering an efficient and useful public health tool

Designed as part of the National Health Nutrition Program, Nutri-Score labeling is gradually becoming more apparent. Elior has adapted Nutri-Score labeling to contract catering so as to give its canteen guests access to this information.

What is Nutri-Score?

Nutri-Score was created in 2016 under the aegis of the French public health agency, Santé Publique France, and based on the work of the team of Professor Serge Hercberg, president of the National Nutrition Health Program (PNNS).  It meets the strong demand of consumers by providing information that is simple, readable and understandable so as to help them to choose foods of the best nutritional quality.  

Nutri-Score’s color-coded labelling system informs consumers on the nutritional quality of their meal. Each product is graded on a scale of 5 levels ranging from:

  • Grade A: products deemed the most nutritious, to;  
  • Grade E: products that are considered the least nutritious

The nutritional category of each product is indicated by the largest letter featured on the logo.

Already displayed on the packaging of some 200 brands, particularly in supermarkets, Nutri-Score has, up until now, never been used in the contract catering sector.

Adapting Nutri-Score to contract catering

Once it has undergone testing in Elior restaurants over the next few months, Nutri-Score will be gradually deployed in a maximum number of the Group's kitchens and corporate restaurants in France.  For Elior, the aim is to offer everyone the possibility of choosing their meals based on the nutritional quality of the food and the method of preparation used.  Further out, all Elior recipes will be evaluated according to their Nutri-Score before being proposed to the Group's guests.

Extending this labeling system to contract catering gives all diners access to this information.  This in-depth study will enable Elior to test the feasibility of extending the Nutri-Score labeling system to contract catering and measure the efficiency of Nutri-Score on food choices.


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