Training in vegetarian cuisine to meet growing consumer demand in Spain

Serunion - atelier végétarien
In Spain, Serunion’s teams are being specially trained in vegetarian cuisine. In addition to preparing dishes that satisfy the demand of guests for a more plant-based diet, this approach also makes it possible to offer recipes that emit less carbon.

Specific training in more plant-based cuisine

Serunion, the Elior Group subsidiary in Spain, is training its teams both at company headquarters and in the field, in the specifics of vegetarian cuisine. The objective is that teams acquire the skills necessary to offer balanced recipes adapted to the tastes of vegetarians and vegans, as well as to the growing number of flexitarians (or semi-vegetarians who follow a more flexible variant of vegetarianism which permits the occasional inclusion of meat). 

The training program is a two-stage process whereby a team of nutritionists, managers and salespeople are trained in developing new vegetarian menus, then, in turn, train our teams working both in the kitchen and serving guests in our restaurants.  On the program: learn the different basic ingredients used in plant-based cooking and how to cook them. The objective of this training program is not to learn new vegetarian recipes, but rather how to cook the ingredients used in plant-based meals, so as to be able to cook any vegetarian recipe correctly.

Serunion - atelier végétarien

Help towards limiting the carbon impact of recipes

This approach is in line with Elior Group’s objective to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in general and its carbon emission per meal by 12% between 2020 and 2025. One of the keys to achieve this is to reduce the carbon footprint of our food offering, by proposing more vegetarian meals, for example.

By training its teams in vegetarian cuisine, Serunion is therefore taking concrete steps to offer its guests more dishes with a low carbon impact.


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