Vegetarian cuisine goes international

Recette végétarienne
Best practice exchange, recipe sharing and culinary discoveries were made possible by the coming together of Elior chefs of six different nationalities.

The objective of these exchanges was to introduce Indian vegetarian recipes to French, British, Spanish, Italian and American chefs. 

Increased demand for vegetarian meals

In all these countries, the challenge is the same: to meet the growing demand for vegetarian meals. Whether this demand comes from consumers or directly from the government, it is essential that caterers adapt their menus. Since November 1, 2019, all school cantines in France must provide a vegetarian menu at least once a week so as to comply with the Egalim law. Nevertheless, all generations are affected by this strong consumer trend. 

India: the source of inspiration for varied and balanced recipes

This is why Elior chefs are organizing themselves to develop new savors so that they can offer a wider variety of vegetarian meals. Being a country with a strong vegetarian culinary tradition and many recipes that are as nutritious as they are refined, India is a natural source of inspiration. Elior chefs met for the first time during a vegetarian cooking workshop organized by Elior's Director of Culinary Innovation in India. For two days, they developed, prepared and tasted Indian recipes adapting them to the tastes and ingredients available in their respective countries.

At the end of the 2-day workshop, 15 new recipes for vegetarian starters and dishes were selected to be served in Elior restaurants. The chefs continue to exchange recipes and best practices remotely.



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